Baby Boomer Travel Advice

You have reached the baby boomer age and it is now the time for you to do what you have always wanted to do,"travel".

Don't know where to start? Want to do it yourself or have someone plan it for you? Ageing hipsters travel will show you how to do it.

Ageing hipsters travel has been developed for baby boomer's, ageing hipsters, over 50's, adult-teenager or whatever you want to call yourself.

We cover everything you need to know about baby boomer travel regardless of whether it is domestic or international.

This site has been developed by an ageing hipster traveler who has "been there, done that and is doing it all again".

Over 50's baby boomer's, you now have your own site that has all the information on how to plan and organise your travel.

Download our travel essentials checklist which covers everything you need to do from passports/visas, injections, airline bookings, accommodation and what to pack plus much more.

Information covers what type of travel you want to do such as airline, cruises, self-drive, solo travel, disabled travel, adventure travel, luxury travel, budget travel and much more.

Our Travel tips page covers everything from when to start bookings, how to find best deals, new regulations re flying etc. Add your own tips.

Did you know that over 50's are eligible for travel discounts like insurance, upgrading to better accommodation etc.

This site will give you the opportunity to research destinations, create itineraries, compare prices and book trips on the internet. You will have more control over the total cost of a package also it means that if you have the travel bug, it is now possible to plan several trips a year from the comfort of your computer.

Baby boomer travel
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Travel Planning for over 50's-advice and checklist for baby boomers
Travel planning is about when and how to organise your trip such as passports, vaccinations, visas,
corporate travel checklist
Corporate travel checklist for all your business travel needs
corporate travel
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Passport and visa advice for the over 50 traveler
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Solo Travel
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Traveling with pets
International Travel
International travel advice and tips on planning flights, cruises and tours
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volunteering abroad for the over 50's
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Budget travel for the thrifty boomer
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The hippie trail was a travellers trail across Asia to Europe in the 60's and 70's
Travel Stories, Share your experiences
The Travel Stories site is all about providing a platform for baby boomer world travellers to relate their experiences in the destinations they have visited.
Ecotourism is about making sure your trip does right by the environment
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