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Over 50s woman traveling alone need to use common sense.

You face greater risks when you're traveling alone. At some destinations you may be the focus of unwanted male attention. They may pinch, hiss, pass not so nice comments, use obscene behavior or unwanted physical contact.

Try to remain composed and remove yourself from the situation asap. Go to the nearest police office if you need to.

To minimise the risk of harassment, you should avoid walking alone after dark or in isolated places. Be sensitive to the local standards of dress and behavior.

You could be putting yourself in danger by accepting a date from a male. This could expose you to the risk of sexual assault.

Before you go be prepared.Following are some helpful tips for the over 50s woman traveling alone.

1. Check the latest advice for your destination at smartraveller.gov.au before you go. Subscribe to get the updated advice.

2. Take out travel insurance to cover hospital treatment, medical evacuation etc. If you cannot afford travel insurance then you can't afford to travel. An over 50s woman can get some discount on travel insurance from places such as COTA (Centre for the Aged)

See travel insurance advice.

Also check the Medicare Australia site for information on medicines.

3. Register your travel and contact details online at smart traveler, or at the local Australian Embassy, high commission or consulate once you arrive so they can contact you in an emergency.

Before you depart, contact the embassy of the countries you intend to visit to obtain information re visa, currency, customs, quarantine regulations, traveling with medicines and working overseas.

4. Read up on the culture and customs of the countries you are visiting. Lonely planet books are good for this. There are also many other books out there or search the internet.

5. Click on the international travel checklist. for what to do and take before you travel.

6. Make copies of all your official documents and keep a copy separate to your originals and leave copies with your relatives or friends.

7. While most women (specifically the over 50s woman) experience trouble free travel, it is important to be aware that sexual assaults can and do happen. You can download info from the smart traveller website mentioned above.

8. Take feminine hygiene products and contraceptives if you are headed somewhere where they may not be available or may be expensive or may even be of poor quality. My daughter hates the tampons sold in Japan and is unable to obtain the pill.

9. Humid climates can cause yeast infections and it is suggested to wear skirts instead of trousers and loose cotton underwear (as an over 50s woman I wear cotton underwear for comfort anyway). If you are prone to these infections then make sure you take some medication for it.

10. As an over 50s woman, I am not going to make any assumptions. But be aware of the risk of HIV - avoid ear-piercing, acupuncture, tattooing or dental work while traveling.

Practice safe sex. Carry a reliable brand of condom if sexually active.

Avoid temporary 'black henna' tattoos as they often contain dye which can cause serious skin reactions. A young friend of mine had one done in Bali and it blistered her skin badly. It almost became a scar of the tattoo permanently.

11. Bag snatching and theft is common in some countries and you may be an easy target. Try not to show off your valuables and wear minimal jewelery. Keep your bag next to you at all times.

12. Be wary of being alone in a lift in a high rise building. Don't get into a train carriage if you are the only passenger or don't stay in one if everyone gets off.

13. When shopping in markets, take care not to place yourself in the situation where you are looking at goods or trying on items in an isolated area.

14. Be careful on cruise ships - many an over 50s woman will go on a cruise as it is usually safer if alone but please make sure your cabin is locked and chained. Being alone always will make you vulnerable.

15. Try to arrive in towns during the daylight hours. Try to arrange your transport through the hotel or airline so you are not alone looking for transport. Only use official taxis.

16. Be careful of going to a bar on your own. It may be frowned upon in some countries and you will open yourself up to harassment. Be wary of drink spiking too.

17. Stay in a reasonable hotel and ensure the door can be double locked. Be aware of credit card fraud.

Keep in touch with relatives regularly. Make sure they have your travel details and let the Embassy know if you change plans. It is only a matter of an email these days. So much easier to stay safe and in touch.

Getting help overseas.

Contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for help or support through the consular.

Click on smart traveler for more information on Consular services for Australians traveling alone.

Check out the following link to a girls only tour company.

Girls On Tour is a tour operator created exclusively for Women.

Our trips are well organised and fully escorted from Brisbane for women travelling with other women to wonderful and exciting international destinations. We do the organising so that you can get excited about travelling without getting bogged down with the planning. For more information contact Judy Polkinghorne on 0409 057 417 or click here for our website link

Over 50s woman - click on the travel doctor for advice on vaccinations, medications etc.

Click here to contact us for more information on the over 50's woman traveler